NTS: 21.02.16 – Lord Raja words and music

Lord Raja, AKA Raka, AKA Infinitirock is an artist that feels like they have defined periods of the show. We first came across this guy when he dropped 3 insanely good LPs in as many days on Astronautico in the early days of NTS, discovering those and the excitement about playing them on air still sticks in the mind.

When we travelled over to Switzerland to represent NTS at the IRF Awards in ’14 Raja sent us some early works that went on to be on his Debut LP for Ghostly International later that year.

It felt like this one has been in the pipeline for years and so was a really special moment to finally catch up with the man in person.

Uhlife – Pruse
Henny Dubs – Step By Step
Rimplton – Cumbria (Talbot Fade’s November Version)
Arthur Russell – Answer Me
Kanye West, Andre 3000 – 30 Hours
Kanye West – Last Call (Instrumental)
J Dilla – Won’t Do
Bullion – DevoEsk
Zack Sekoff – Resign
Snakepiss – Untitled
Infinitirock – Home Movies
Infinitirock – Space Out
Raja – Say Goodbye
Raja- Ukon 2
Raja – You
Raja – Vapour Trails (Jeans Wilder Redux)
Raja – Rituals
Raja – De Lia Lu Lu
Lord Raja – Stars (Intro)
Lord Raja – Broken Computer
Lord Raja – Stoked Tourist
Raja – Shook
Lord Raja – Footwork
Apex Twin – Alberto Balsam
Olivier Messiaen, Aleksandra Juozapėnaitė-eesmaa – Vingt Regards Sur L’enfant-jésus
Prince – Do You Love To Love Me
Dizzee Rascal – Brand New Day
Simon12345, The Lazer Twins – Root
Loom – Ultraviolet Love Scene
Wiley – Born In The Cold (Mr Mitch Remix)
Etch – Tinfoil Hardhat
Vangelis – Memories Of Green
Madras String Quartet – Heavenly Reach
Aplex Twin – Aisatsana
Silk Rhodes – Pains
Yaw – Wherewillube


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