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2021 is already hurtling by; there was no @threadsradio show to post this month, but I do have a couple of nice things to share via the dedicated people over at Loose Lips.

The preamble for this blog post confirmed my assumption that I was alone in feeling more trepidation than optimism at the turn of the year. But hope is rarely lost; I selected ten tracks for a hopeful dawn.

Music from. Valiska, Lapti, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Mal Waldron, Hefner, Roberto Musci, Giovanni Venosta, Howse, Heroes Are Gang Leaders, Quest, Heralds of Change.

Loose Lips Mix series #315

Following on from this, and in the middle of what was January that felt a difficult morning of the year, I put together a two hour mix for the site. In some ways this felt like a part 2 of the radio show I put together in the early days of the pandemic, again feeling daunted by the world and searching for music that felt right, for whatever reason – but a year on we this is less daunting, but our reserves are low. It is wither now, we can look forward to the change of season soon – and we can hope that perhaps this year our activity will mirror the season. But in these days it is hard to just be hopeful and when we think about nature – it is hard to not consider our relationship with it and worry about the challenges facing us when we do speed up again.

These are the things I was thinking about as I put this mix together – as we approach another spring in this turbulent stasis we find ourselves in.

Ellen Arkbro – For Organ and Brass

Justin Walter – 1001

Fadi Tabbal – The Sidewalk At Night

Quasar – Walk

Ben Kaczor – Fog Meadow

Krust – Re-Arrange (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)

Laurence Pike – Transire

Lee Gamble – Deja€ Mode

Letta Mbulu – What’s Wrong With Groovin’

Theo Parrish – Love Triumphant

Andy Stott – How it Was

Matrixxman – Packard Plant

Heathered Pearls – Perfume Catalogue (Lord Raja’s Monarch Remix)

Stacey Pullen – Vertigo

Prequel Tapes – Scarlet Fog

Valiska & Zenjungle – Derive

Chapel – Ahead and Shapeless

Redress – A Black Vase

Dr…Um – Departed Souls

Sully – Vanta

Danny Mulhern – Flow State Desnuda Waltz 2

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