Threads 05.11.20 – We Have Sound 20.11


I find comments about what a dark year 2020 has been to be a bit trite. The outbreak of Covid 19 virus did co-inside almost to the day the start of the calendar year, its creep into Europe and the US followed by its subsequent gallop across the world a perfect inverse of spring into summer in the west. This last year we also saw flash-points in our society; state brutality followed by unrest as well as news of increasing forest fires. Our public discourse has been polarised too – at best turgid; more often incendiary. Divisive politics, a stretched society and a dangerous pandemic however, are not accidents of timing, they are noticeable effects of years of systemic inequality, of economic systems that are outdated, and the advance of our mastery over the world we live in outpacing our understanding of the effects of doing so on it. Whilst the events of 2020 were compound rather than accident, the most recent serving politician in high office in America was representative of all of them, and their re-election or non-re-election important for the trajectory of our times. The prescience of this decision by the public of America weighed heavy on all of us, and the chaotic manipulation to established democratic systems – and more importantly to truth – around it was equally perceivable. For a week it felt that we were fatigued and disorientated to such an extent that gravity and the turning of the earth were noticeable.


At this point, these issues remain unresolved however it does seem that the way things are going that we might slow that particular whirlwind. If that does happen it gives us only a moment to catch our breath; we drastically need to make changes to how we are living on this planet, in our societies and how they overlap the natural world. In the face of such work, it is easy to dismiss messages of simple positivity, but in order to do what we need to surely we have to find a way to be kind to each other – to try and understand each other.

On the day of the US presidential elections I saw a clip of the Sun Ra Arkestra performing to queues of voters in Philadelphia, and was moved to tears. This was not a Political act, it was not a trying to change the course of the election, simply to encourage it to happen – for people to enact the powers that they do have, and to make that act something hopeful and human; an act of community. There are complex issues facing us all this year, and whilst we might see an eye in this storm, it is not over; and there will be more bad weather come. We will need a collective resolve for the future as we will surely be tested. Sometimes the simple ideas can cut through, love must be the message.



Kuma – The Sound Of Breathing Is The Sound Of The Tide

Jessica Moss  – Opened Ending

Triad God – China Town Everyday


Triad God – So Pay La

Manonmars – 6 Walk/Resurrection 33

Mark Templeton – Burning Brush

Cktrl – Robyn

Gil Scott Heron – Winter in America

Mr Beatnick – Luxette (Breakplus Remix)

Jah Head – Bald Head (version)

Mad Professor, Mafia & Fluxy – Alien Invasion

Nelson Bandela – Blames Jake

Reepa feat. Shogun – In The Rain

Jay0117, Brotherhood, VET., Sangy – Find My Way

XP Burstgang feat. Murkage Dave – Sometimes

Mez – No Manners

East Man & Walton – Screw Face

S8JFOU – Analog Things

ETCH – Naitsri Complex

San – What I am Seeing

Earl Grey – Wiretap

&apos – Yesblāāb

Lilt Elision – Terek Becoming Lupin

Aho Ssan feat. The Mensah Imaginary Band – Outro

John Beltran – Soft Summer

MFSB – Love is the Message (Larry Levan Mix)

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