Threads 08.10.20 – We Have Sound 20.10

Slow days.

Despite my wondering as to how not having a Notting Hill Carnival as a last hurrah might affect the feeling of sudden change as we moved out of Summer, and despite a teasing weekend of unseasonal blistering heat, it feels we have very much arrived in Autumn – albeit a very different one than usual. 

The anticipation of approaching cosy sheltered social activities that usually accompany the shortening of the days has been replaced by a now too familiar uncertainty of encroaching solitude. Football is back, but behind closed doors – and the clubbing and event season that usually coincides with its return has not found a way to operate without audiences. 

The season also often brings about lots of new music, this year has been no exception. In fact it seems in more abundance than ever. Perhaps I am making connections that are not there, or being a fantasist, but I feel that consciously or unconsciously the art has responded collective uncertainty and instability.

Music I often think provides a slow communication; both in creation and listening it allows us to express things too intangible, or too animal for words. Radio provides us a way to do this collectively when we are remote in time or place. In days where we are likely to be going through a few things, and will not be able to gather; this space to experience music seems essential.


Lucy Railton – 5 S-Bahn Part 3

Emily A. Sprague – Star Gazing

Frank Bretschneider – Abtasten_Halten A

FRKTL – Sól tér sortna, sígr fold í mar

Paul Frick – Church 5 Loop 2 (Lance Gamble’s Schleifstein Dub)

Illingsworth – Say it Ain’t So

David Axelrod – Holy Thursday

Manonmars feat. Axel Holey & Bogues – Hollow

Company Flow – World Of Garbage

Hudson Mohawke – Animo

Church Andrews & Matt Davies – Temporal

Parris – Soft Rocks With Socks

Call Super – Every Mouth Teeth Missing

Xyla – Ways

OTTO – Sprained My Ankle In Gristedes Juice Isle

Mushkilla – Garage 2

Charlie Trees – Trees

Westy – Die Young Refix

Luar Domatrix – Angelito

Abul Mogard – The Purpose Of Peace (Live)

Dj Slyngshot – Untitled B2

Otik – Amor

Haider – U Trippin

Destiny71z – dPi

John Beltran – Tiger (Detroit)

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