Threads 05.12.19 – We Have Sound #12


As we continue. In this edition we played music from the mesmerising new release from Pink Sufu and AKAI Solo, as well as new bits from Doc Illingsworth and Moses Boyd along side thoughts on the power of dub music in 2019.

Kayla Painter – Sleep in the Understory

Infrasubcontra – Umbral Heaters

Ena – Awaken

Stenny – Detraction

Olga Wojciechowska – Bursts Of Static

AKAI Solo, Pink Siifu – Hussle’s Ghost

AKAI Solo, Pink Siifu, – Galaxy Eyes

Illingsworth – Magic Crystals Instrumental

Moses Boyd – Stranger Than Fiction

Baths – Lovely Bloodflow

Vegyn – Debold

Henry Greenleaf – Patent

John T. Gast – SPDM Return TK3

Logic1000 – Precision

East Man – Selector

Moreofus – Games

Inica Dubs – Conscious Sounds (Raw Mix)

Mala – Miracles

Skee Mask – RZZ

Briain – It’s Never Enough

Quirke – Sample Devon

Mary Lattimore – Quintana

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