Threads 12.09.19 – We Have Sound #9

As we continue to explore sound on Threads Radio. In this edition, we celebrated twenty-five years of tuned snares with Shy FX and Omni Trio; touched on a beautiful sunny weekend on the streets of London; explored sonics from Ben Kaczor and Loscil, ran a double of dubs from White Peach Records, played more music from new EPs from Sporting Life, First Circle and Elmono.


The Caretaker – All You Are Going to Want to Do is Get Back There

Jon Hassell – Dreaming

JD Reid – Ye Dub

The Gladiators – Tribulation

Sporting Life feat. MIke & Wiki – Crux

Hebbe – 3 Tabs

Koma – Missing Amsterdam

Elmono – Endorfiend

UK Apache & Shy FX – Original Nuttah 25

Clipz – Down 4 (Extended Mix)

Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play Vip mix)

First Circle – Morgan 2

P Jam x Capo Lee – Nando’s Riddim

Polonis – K.T.O

Kano – Free Years Later

Hania Rani – Today It Came

Breaks – Jogging House

Loscil – Equivalent 3

Ben Kaczor – Fog Meadow

The Newcomer – Crossing Into New Life

Complete Walkthru – NYC

Nikki Nair – David

Griffit Vigo – Ayeye Vigo

DJ Lag and OKZharp – Sambe

Martyn – Frozen Bread Snaps


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