Born in London in the early Eighties Francis spent his formative years playing in dirt, riding a BMX and watching videos of adverts that his parents had taped for him, finding them more interesting than the actual programs. His teenage years were spent buying records, and staying up late making cassette and VHS compilations of youth culture shows off the telly and radio.

In 2001 Francis studied Creative Music Technology & Media at Bath Spa University. Run by a combination of audio-visual artists, new-media experimenters, as well as traditional lecturers, the course taught a range of skills, but above all, the value of concept in any creative or cultural endeavour.

Since graduation Francis has taken this ethos and applied it across many areas of design and media; from print, digital and online design, to programming radio content, branding interiors and event production.Francis has worked with fashion, entertainment and media brands to create meaningful identities and to invigorate existing ones. He continues to collect sounds images and culture.